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Board Self-Assessment Technology

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The work of the board is critical to the success of the district and schools. Most States require that board members engage in an annual assessment of the work of the board. VitalInsight™, the first online technology designed to measure the existence and strength of research-based best practice in schools, has developed the Board Leadership Agenda Inventory (BLAI) technology to empower boards to assess their collective performance in six key research-based behaviors:

  • Leadership
  • Student Performance
  • Organizational Performance
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Board Behavior
  • Board Responsibilities

In each area, measures are taken of present and preferred future performance. The data are anonymized, and no individual is identified.

The inventory requires only 20 minutes of individual board member time online. A report of full results is available in a few days and includes a review of both strengths and needs. When used annually, comparative reports of change over time are provided.

The Report of Results highlights areas that the board can focus on and suggestions for goal setting. In addition to narrative summaries of results, graphic presentations highlight the disparity among present and preferred future behaviors.

The cost of BLAI is significantly less than the cost of consultants needed to direct an assessment process, can be done at the convenience of each board member, and produce results that can be easily translated into goals and strategies.BLAI ChartVulnerability: The board and CSA have rated the boards collective behavior lower than in the past, with a greater discrepancy between present and preferred future behaviors. The board should discuss the changes that have taken place that account for this change.

Suggested Goal: Time at a future Board meeting will be devoted to the review of how the Board conducts its business and the impact of most recent board decisions.

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VitalInsightBoard Self-Assessment Technology

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