Adult and Student Learning

Learning is the fundamental process for which schools are organized and operated. Learning is not an activity or an outcome that is the sole responsibility of students. While student learning is the end accomplishment, it is not possible to optimize the full extent of student learning in the absence of adult learning. The overarching goal in this Sector is to facilitate life-long learning among adults and students. Four Interactive Performance Systems (IPS) support the Sector of Adult and Student Learning.

Component IPS

  1. Human Resource Excellence (HRE)—District and school policies and procedures that govern the selection, training, supervision, and evaluation of employees along with recognizing, rewarding, and compensating exemplary performance are focused on preparing and sustaining every employee for success at the highest performance levels. Every employee will perform in a superior fashion and surpass performance expectations.
  2. Planning and Planned Change (PPC)—Authorized processes used by individuals and groups to think about, organize, and implement strategies to create better ways to achieve optimum results for the district, school, and students.
  3. Professional Learning and Instruction (PLI)—The life-long process of acquiring and using the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to be an outstanding district and school employee with the intent of becoming a better resource, communicator, teacher, and leader of students and adults. Leaders have responsibility to define performance expectations and offer programs and services that support the development of knowledge and skills for on-the-job success.
  4. Programs, Services, and Curricula that Accelerate Learning (PSCAL)—The system of programs, services, and curricula that is planned, designed, implemented, evaluated, and upgraded to increase student knowledge, understanding, and skills. These PSCAL represent the district and school’s commitment to the success of every student.
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