Success Stories 

In a school serving 97% minority and 94% economically disadvantaged students, use of VitalInsight™ produced double digit increases in annual proficiency in every grade for four years in both Math and ELA, increased parent confidence and trust in teacher planning and decisions, increased student engagement, improved team work, and increased teacher confidence in the use of data for lesson planning. (AASA, 2014)

Davidson High School

Davidson High School is one high school among several in a district of over 50,000 students. Davidson is an alternative high school that enrolls students who, for the most part, have dropped out of other high schools and are on their second or third attempt to complete graduation requirements. Each year, entering enrollment in grades

Highland Academy

Highland Academy is a grades 7-12 cyber-charter school in a western state. Over 1200 students are enrolled covering all regions of the state. Student population is very diverse including students engaged in international athletic competition, study of the arts, former home schoolers, and former dropouts. Academic instruction and support services are delivered face-to-face online and

College Academy Charter High School (CACHS)

CACHS is a 400 pupil grade 9-12 high school affiliated with a college since 2005 in an inner city on the east coast. LeadershipEnergies (LE) was hired in 2015-2016 through 2017-2018 to transition the school to better performance through data-driven decision making, and from 2018 to 2020 to provide the diagnostic inventories to generate decision

State Department of Education

The state DOE had identified over 30 Title I high schools in the state that had not achieved the minimal graduation rate standard. LeadershipEnergies (LE) was selected to conduct in five of those schools a needs assessment and root cause analysis to establish priorities that would become the basis for a new performance improvement plan

A Comparative Study of Four Suburban Philadelphia Grades K-12 School Districts

The CEO of LeadershipEnergies (LE) was asked by another company to lead a study team of educators in an examination of four school districts to determine if the home district performance results were appropriate for the level of money spent. The answer to this question was determined by comparing: home district achievement with all students

Shoreville Public School District

Shoreville is a PK-12 school district with four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Industry: Education PK-12 Districts and Schools Project Type: Online use of the VitalInsight Diagnostic Inventory. Challenge Provide an online tool for internal stakeholders (all employees) to assess current school performance by comparing their experience against best practices and

Petersburg School District

Petersburg is a grades PK-12 school district with seven schools. LeadershipEnergies, (LE) was hired to assist the interim superintendent in putting the district back together after reductions to staff following a $10 ten million dollar state aid cut and to prepare for a state DOE visit and evaluation in the following year. The project ended

Pilot School District

In fall of 2017, a school district with four elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school agreed to test the validity of the second online version of VitalInsight™ (VI) as an effective diagnostic tool to accurately identify priorities for improving performance of the district and each school. The Pilot School District and LeadershipEnergies

Lafayette Park Academic Charter School (LPACS)

LPACS is a grades K-8 400 pupil charter school in the poorest section of center City. LeadershipEnergies (LE) was hired to utilize the Improvement Plan Reporting Matrix and Schedule developed from the Corrective Action Plan to support a system of continuous improvement that would increase adult and student performance outcomes. Industry: Education PK-12 Districts and

Gateway Community Charter School

LeadershipEnergies (LE) was hired to assess why new curriculum and materials did not result in improved student state test scores; provide support for school leaders and teachers as they prepared for a charter renewal; and provide direction and support as leaders and faculty relied more on student, adult, and school performance data to improve adult

Gregory Township (GTSD) and Harris Township (HTSD) School Districts

Mentor an assistant superintendent in each district for 12 months in topics, processes, and skills needed to be the district leader and to be recommended for the certificate for the position of superintendent of schools. Industry: Education PK-12 Districts and Schools Project Type: Mentoring candidate growth in knowledge and ability to serve as a district

Performance Improvement through Clinical Practice

The Riverside School District Leadership Team in a one school K-8 district during the 2014-2015 school year participated in monthly workshops provided by LeadershipEnergies (LE) to prepare the team to use clinical practice to solve problems. Industry: Education PK-12 Districts and Schools Project Type: Professional Development and training for a team of teachers, supervisors, and

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