Shared Leadership

While leadership roles are delegated to administrators, all employees have the duty to lead in areas of responsibility and expertise. Leadership is a vital component of performance improvement processes. Restricting leadership to the exercise of a few individuals limits its effectiveness and retards learning and improvement processes. A significant challenge to all stakeholders is to learn about, practice, and improve individual and shared leadership qualities to focus energy and expertise on improvement processes. The overarching goal in this Sector is to provide opportunities for adults and students to learn and demonstrate effective leadership skills. Five Interactive Performance Systems (IPS) support the Sector of Shared Leadership.

Component IPS

  1. Alignment of Work Processes (AWP)—in response to external influences and internal planned change, precise adjustments are made to district and/or school structures, protocols, and practice to overcome ineffective work, improve performance, and increase student achievement.
  2. Effective and Integrated Governance (EIG)—The distribution, delegation, and use of the authority legally invested in the Board of Education, Directors, or Trustees and integrated through district and school level structures and positions to accomplish desired district and school performance results.
  3. Leadership (LDR)—planned and purposeful day-to-day activities conducted by employees who have responsibility for the organization or any part of it to produce intended results. These employees have authority to drive the organization to higher performance levels and are willing to be held accountable for the results achieved.
  4. Structures that Nurture Improvement (SNI)—The offices, departments, and committees, etc. that are authorized to satisfy legal, regulatory, and policy obligations, and include PLCs, councils, and teams that have responsibility to improve organizational performance and increase student achievement.
  5. Team Work and Problem Solving (TWPS)—A team is a learning and problem-solving group with specific responsibilities to clarify purposes, rectify misunderstandings; and to resolve conflicts of philosophy, opinion, values, and relationships. Teams align processes to improve performance health, diagnose performance maladies, and prescribe and implement interventions to increase student achievement.
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