Parent and Stakeholder Engagement

Students do not learn successfully in isolation from the expectations and support of those around them. Research has been clear for a long time that students achieve at higher levels when they are actively and continually supported by their parents, teachers, peers, and community. The district and school organization, as the platform for student learning, is also dependent on the active and energetic engagement of a broad selection of school-community stakeholders. Learning outcomes are directly proportional to the level of commitment among stakeholders to the schools and the level of consensus among stakeholders regarding the importance of high achievement. The overarching goal in this Sector is to develop interest in and to secure commitment to the school’s vision and mission among adults and students. Three Interactive Performance Systems (IPS) support the Sector of Parent and Stakeholder Engagement.

Component IPS

  1. Customer Focus (CF)—The philosophical and operational expectation that employees will focus their attention and efforts on the needs of students and other customers of district and schools.
  2. District and School Wide Culture (DSWC)—The collective attitude, values, and actions that nurture the organization and its stakeholders as they learn, interact, and perform the challenging tasks necessary to meet and exceed expectations and to attain optimum performance.
  3. Staff, Student, and Parent Interactions (SSPI)—All the interpersonal behaviors and communications which support the completion of the district and school legal and regulatory obligations; provide direction, energy, and resource to improve performance; guide students through learning activities; and make working together enjoyable and beneficial.
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