VitalInsight™ (VI) provides processes and tools to unite district, school, and stakeholders into purposeful and coordinated action.

VitalInsight examines eighteen Interactive Performance Systems (IPS), analogous to human body systems. Findings of system strengths and vulnerabilities are produced; diagnoses and prescriptions are developed; and improvements are obtained in individual and multiple performance systems.

To facilitate organization and understanding of the VitalInsight data, over 8000 best practices have been distributed among eighteen IPS and organized into related groups, called “Sectors.” Sector titles are:

The overarching goals to be achieved through improvement efforts in each Sector are:

  1. Facilitate life-long learning among adults and students;
  2. Effectively integrate Data and Metrics into all adult and student planning and decision-making processes;
  3. Develop interest in and secure commitment to the school’s vision, mission, and implementation of strategies among adults and students;
  4. Establish high levels of vigilance to the Safety and Security of adults and students to ensure the best possible supportive learning environment; and
  5. Provide opportunities for adults and students to learn and demonstrate effective leadership skills.