About Our Company

For more than a decade, representatives of LeadershipEnergies engaged in face-to-face consulting in a variety of district and school circumstances. As former school principals and superintendents we recognized that these engagements confirmed that few places had sufficiently built connections among organization, employee, student, and family efforts to improve student achievement.

We also learned that improvement efforts were designed based on the symptoms of underperformance rather than root causes. Consequently, district and school strategic plans produced only slight improvements.

Relevant literature from the fields of education, business, engineering, medicine, law, and sports management was collected and reviewed. And, interviews with leaders in these fields convinced us that performance improvement protocols had to change in order to produce more rapid improvements in district, school, and student performance. We discovered that clinical medicine possessed the most efficient and effective change-management and improvement process. It is collaborative, evidence-based, prescriptive, and best of all . . . predictable.

These findings prompted us to produce the most effective problem solving and performance improvement process for grades PreK-12 education. Our Clinical Practice Model in Education was reviewed by prominent members of the American Medical Association (AMA) who confirmed that VitalInsight™ had effectively adapted the protocols of clinical practice in medicine for problem-solving in education.

The online version of VitalInsight™ was developed over seven years and a variety of diagnostic and prescriptive tools were developed and field tested that became the comprehensive tool that exists today. We authored one book (Curing Student Underachievement, 2012) and an article about one school that used VitalInsight for four consecutive years. Both the book and article were published by AASA. 

We wrote a number of unpublished manuscripts and manuals that have been built into the online version of VitalInsight™ and have been incorporated into dashboard reports for district and school users. VitalInsight™ diagnostic instruments, tools, and processes focus on performance improvement behaviors that will accelerate adult and student learning.