Solutions for California Schools and the LCAP

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VitalInsight™ technology offers fundamental support to California districts and schools faced with the requirements of LCAP. All eleven priorities identified by the State of California to be addressed by local schools are addressed by VitalInsight™. Among the eighteen research-based systems assessed by VitalInsight™ are measures of effective practice and strategies to improve outcomes in every priority specified by the California Department of Education. A crosswalk of the LCAP priorities and the VitalInsight™ systems is available upon request.

VitalInsight™ is the first cloud-based interactive technology that engages as many as ten community-based stakeholder groups to assess the strengths and vulnerabilities of research-based best practice. Stakeholders invest less than twenty minutes time in responding to the online diagnostic inventory. The data collection and problem-identification process that in most cases can take six months or longer can be accomplished in less than two weeks.

District and school leaders are provided comprehensive dashboard reports that identify strengths and vulnerabilities of practice and present targeted solution strategies from among 8,000+ best practices. In addition, the stakeholders have reported a greater unity of purpose and improved understanding of and support for the agenda for improvement when using VitalInsight™ data reports.

Importantly, because VitalInsight™ is an online assessment, more stakeholders participate in the process, coordinating meeting schedules is not an issue, and in this time of “social distancing,” participation is not dependent on physical gatherings of people. As a result of the efficiency and effectiveness of VitalInsight™, more time and energy are dedicated to the important implementation, monitoring, and assessment processes that produce the positive results school leaders seek.

District and school leaders can get a significant head start on the LCAP process by contacting us now and coordinating communication with their stakeholders to encourage broad participation, significant data collection, and positive energy.

LCAP just got easier, learn more today!

VitalInsightSolutions for California Schools and the LCAP
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Attend our Session Aligning Best Practice to Make Schools Safer at AASA NCE 2020, on February 13th at 9:00am

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Attend our session Aligning Best Practice to Make Schools Safer at AASA NCE 2020, on February 13th at 9:00am as we discuss how to improve safety and security while also improving stakeholder understanding and support, adult performance, and student achievement. Learn from the findings of the “Safer Schools in America” project about the importance and power of best practice in promoting both safer and higher-achieving schools.

Our presenters:
  • Ronna Cadarette, superintendent at NH SAU #58
  • Amy Boettger, principal at Canyons School District, Sandy, UT
  • Phil Esbrandt and Bruce Hayes from VitalInsight™

Stop by booth 104 in the Exhibit Hall to learn how VitalInsight™ can help your district get the most out of research-based practice!

VitalInsightAttend our Session Aligning Best Practice to Make Schools Safer at AASA NCE 2020, on February 13th at 9:00am
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CMTC – Superintendents Discuss How to Improve School Performance

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Former and current superintendents join forces to address challenges and corresponding solutions to provide best practices in adult and student learning, data and metrics, parent and stakeholder engagement, safety and security, and shared leadership to enhance the performance improvement efforts of schools and students.

In the presentation, they have discussed:

  • Seven critical areas of practice related to Safety and Security
  • How to assess best practices within School Safety and Security
  • How Safety and Security practices contribute to performance improvement in other areas
  • Your questions related to the presented data

Contact VitalInsight™ to learn more!

VitalInsightCMTC – Superintendents Discuss How to Improve School Performance
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