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Self-Assessment of Adult Mastery: Measuring Professional Growth on the PEFAM™ Scale

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The Performance Expectations for Faculty Adult Mastery (PEFAM™) technology has been developed to assist faculty members in a self-assessment of personal expertise and the acquisition of new levels of expertise across grades and subjects. The data are anonymized, and no individual is identified.

District and school leaders are provided reports that detail the levels of expertise across the faculty, identify where expertise exists, and pinpoint where resources need to be invested to improve professional expertise. PEFAM™ informs each faculty member’s professional growth plan and the professional development program for the entire district and for each individual school.

The PEFAM™ Scale contains a ten-step rubric by which each faculty member indicates existing expertise. Areas of expertise assessed include a combination of the following:

  • Brain Research, the Science of Learning, and Multiple Intelligences (BR, SOL, & MI)
  • Classroom Management (CM)
  • Clinical Leadership Practice (CLP)
  • Content Standards (CS)
  • Curriculum for District and Schools (CURR)
  • Data Analysis and Use (DA & U)
  • Decision Making and Routine Building (DM & RB)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)/English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Instructional Strategies (IS)
  • Lesson Planning (LP)
  • Professional Responsibilities (PR)
  • Project-Based Learning (PBL)
  • Remote and/or Online Learning (RL)
  • School Resources (SR)
  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Student Behavior and Commitment (SB & C)
  • Teamwork (TW)
  • Technologies (TECH)

Additional areas of expertise can be added at the discretion of district and school leaders

Descriptions of each area of expertise are provided to guide individuals in their assessment. By identifying the grade level or department team on which individuals serve, the capacity level of each team and of the full faculty can be established. Thereafter, professional development activities can be differentiated by school, team, and individual.

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PEFAM Reports
The Superintendent/Principal is provided a summary report of PEFAM Results which detail the level, range, and disparity of mastery among faculty in each of the specific areas of expertise. The results allow planning to focus on identified needs in large-scale professional development as well as individual professional growth plans. This guarantees the best use of targeted funds. In addition, PEFAM identifies areas in which expertise already exists among faculty members so that their talents can be utilized within PLCs, grade level and subject areas.

Overall Department Rankings of Adult Mastery on PEFAM by Category
Bayside School District April 2019


VitalInsightSelf-Assessment of Adult Mastery: Measuring Professional Growth on the PEFAM™ Scale

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