VitallInsight™ provides you with data and practices that produce the results you want, optimizing the performance of schools and students.

Important Notice on PPE for Schools

As a result of our relationship with the healthcare industry, we have been able to secure a promise of the lowest guaranteed prices for PPE for schools. We have introduced our partner, International Consumer Corporation to AASA, which has recognized ICC as a School Solution Partner.

Click here to view their products and order what you need, confident that it is of the highest quality and lowest possible price.

VitallInsight™ (VI) is a cloud-based technology that engages up to ten stakeholder groups of your choosing in an online diagnostic inventory that assesses the existence and relative strength of researched-based best practices. VI uncovers root causes of underperformance and focuses efforts of teams, PLCs, employees, students, and other stakeholders on how to upgrade practice to improve outcomes.

Fewer than 15% of improvement goals are ever fully achieved. Largely due to unseen weaknesses in shared protocols, programs and routines that guide adult interaction throughout a district’s ecosystem, goals are often set without the desired outcomes ever being met.

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Benefits from Using VitallInsight™ 

  • Easy to use; saves time, and engages many stakeholders
  • Sensitive to unique circumstances; customizes diagnoses and prescriptions
  • Pinpoints levels of strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Fulfills requirements for strategic plans
  • Generates dynamite dashboard reports
  • Sustains performance during turnover of personnel
  • Grows faculty effectiveness and student achievement

PEOPLE are the heart. Context™ provides key insights into the human component of your schools.

If people are the heart of education, PROGRAMS are the body.

PROTOCOLS are the routines that assure a foundation for performance improvement.

Accurate and reliable METRICS are the “life blood” of good decisions.

The diagnostic and prescriptive strategies cut through the political, cultural, and social traditions of failure that limit the effectiveness of most reform efforts.

Dr. Theodore Johnson, Superintendent in Urban and Suburban School Districts Associate Professor of Graduate Education

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