Fewer than 15% of improvement goals are ever fully achieved. Largely due to unseen weaknesses in shared protocols, programs and routines that guide adult interaction throughout a district’s ecosystem, goals are often set without the desired outcomes ever being met.

VitalInsight™ Significantly Increases the Rate of Goal Achievement.


Large Data Gap Hides Crippling Barriers to Success

Research shows that district improvement goals, while on target and based on strong evidence, cannot fully succeed unless the seventeen, Interactive Performance Systems that drive them are understood and effectively utilized.

UNTIL NOW even most high-performing districts have not overcome the crippling data gap to truly maximize their potential. NOW IS THE TIME to manage an effective analysis and tune-up of these complex systems.

VitalInsight™ is the first technology based in the Clinical Practice Model that quickly and accurately:

  • Validates which systems are working well and which need to be optimized
  • Provides a variety of research-based activities that are proven to address the unique needs identified at school and district levels

VitalInsight™ helps districts comply with new ESSA accountability rules and facilitates effective piloted program expansion.

PEOPLE are the heart. Context™ provides key insights into the human component of your schools.

If people are the heart of education, PROGRAMS are the body.

PROTOCOLS are the routines that assure a foundation for performance improvement.

Accurate and reliable METRICS are the “life blood” of good decisions.

Our Customers Say…

  • The diagnostic process not only confirms the wisdom of leaders ...

  • The diagnostic and prescriptive strategies cut through the political, cultural, and social traditions ...

  • Vital Insight™ provides a framework to guide school leaders and teachers in discovering the real root causes of underperformance...

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